Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I want to support my bestie but I'm worried about her"

Dear Carol,
My best friend has a passion for acting, but her parents want her to have a job with a gauranteed source of income. She is OK at acting (not great), but I stil want to support her in everything she does. As the same time, I'm worried. She doesn't have the grades right now to get into a great school, so what if when she gets out of high school, she won't be able to support herself? I want her to be happy and do whatever she wants to in life, but I'm concerned she will feel defeated if her plans don't work out and she has nothing to fall back on. What should I do?
–BFF Has Big Plans

Dear BFF Has Big Plans,
It's a sweet thought, but I don't think you should worry about your BFF's future income. Don't discourage her by pointing out, "Most actors don't make much money." But don't feel you should say, "Dream big! You can do whatever you want! Instead, try to be her here-and-now friend rather than her life coach or career counselor. By the way, I agree with you that going to college is the ideal thing to do after high school. But as for a risky creative career, none of my friends told me to become—or not to become—a writer. She'll be able to reach her own conclusions too.

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by Dear Carol | 9/6/2017
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