Dear Carol

Dear Carol, my dad doesn't support my dreams

Dear Carol,
I want to be a singer when I grow up, but my dad doesn't support my career choice. All my BFFs say I am good, but my dad hates my voice. He tells me I'll never make it big, but my best guy friend knows a few people in Nashville.
—Unsupportive Dad

Dear Unsupportive Dad,
Don't worry yet about conquering Nashville, and don't imagine a friend's friend holds the golden key to success. For now, just sing—at school, camp, church, synagogue, on YouTube, in a band and in the shower. I'm sorry your dad isn't acting like a fan, but I doubt he hates your voice. He probably just realizes how few people can make money in the arts, so he's thinking practically. Rather than fixating on your future or dad-versus-daughter, just enjoy singing this spring. Share your gift in your community and take voice lessons. Hone your skills—and have fun!

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by GL | 2/20/2017
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