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The *best* way to shave your legs

It’s about to be October...yay! That time of pumpkin spice and everything sweater fab has come around again and *ugh* we’ve been waiting for it. See ya later, summer. While everything about booties and tights is totally exciting, having prickly legs under your shiny sheer definitely isn’t. Not only is it time for the leaves to fall but it’s also that time where cool breezes make our leg hairs stand.

Like hello, Mother Nature. I *just* shaved this morning. Where did this come from?” You’ve probably asked yourself how your hair grows that fast. The truth: it doesn’t. It’s actually because you didn’t get the closest shave you could and tiny muscles behind the hair follicles are basically flexing when you’re cold. Crazy but true. So, since the struggle is really real for all of us gals, here’s a list of ways to get the closest shave for your hair convenience.

Part of the prob is that you’re shaving over top of your dead skin rather than removing it first. Exfoliating is the *perfect* way to clear out those layers of dead skin. Sounds kinda gross but there are some delicious smelling exfoliators out there to make the process more pretty. If you don’t shave every day, start exfoliating three days before you do to ensure your shave is superb.

Use three blade razors.
Going shopping for razors can be a drag. There are so many out there it’s sometimes difficult to pick one but it’s time to start reading the packaging. Look for razors with three blades because two blade razors is quickly clogging up the back *and* not getting the job done.

Stop dry shaving.
First, this is super painful and second, you know it so you’re barely applying pressure while shaving. By dry shaving you’re really aggravating your skin and in turn getting razor burn. Now instead of prickly hairs you have painful, red bumps everywhere. Take the extra time to lather up with a smooth shower gel and *then* shave. Remember, skin is the largest organ on our body. Take care of it!

Shave at the end.
When you jump in the shower you probably immediately start to shave. It’s the longest shower task you have so, you dive right in. Allowing all the sweat and dirt on your skin to wash off through the shower will help your shave *and* hot water softens the skin and hair. So, instead of getting right to it, let the warm water coat your legs and sit with a hair mask. Two birds with one stone, right?

What are your best shaving secrets? Share below! 

Photo credit: Huffington Post.

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by Gabby Regalbuto | 10/5/2017
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