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Our August Bestie Book Club pick? The *ultimate* enemies-to-lovers YA romance read

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Spoiler level: Low

School is back, bb. And that means ~*everything*~ is back, from the good (study seshes with your BFF) to the not-so-good (that tasteless cafeteria tuna melt). And whether you're mastering the day-to-day drama or, tbh, already feeling like you could use an escape route, we've got the BTS must-read for you. 

The Hoodie Girl is a captivating page-turner (we read it cover-to-cover on a Sunday afternoon, homework who?!) that takes us deep into the complex minds, hilarious antics and relatable hearts of its contemporary high school characters. Buy the book right HERE or scroll on for a summary...

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Spoiler level: High

Wren Martin is happy to be invisible. Under her beloved oversized red hoodie, Wren hides—not just from the boisterous social scene at Eastview High (where the hockey team reigns supreme), but from her passion for painting, her hidden potential for heartbreak, her dreams and her demons. When it turns out that her brand-new babysitting job is for the younger sister of the most popular guy in school, she couldn't care less. All she wants is to stay in the shadows….

Asher Reed is used to being noticed. He's the celebrated captain of Eastview's hockey team, one-third of the most popular boy trio (hey, Brody and Zach) and clearly set for sporty success.

But Asher has a complicated past—and, after facing a season-ending knee injury, his future looks more precarious than ever. He's not the relationship type, but after bumping into a mysterious hoodie-clad girl in the hallway, he can't stop thinking about her.

As Wren and Asher's lives begin to intertwine, they can't ignore their connection (and neither can we!). Prepare for flirty banter, aspirational friendship adventures and the most adorable Christmas moment ever. But as Wren and Asher get closer, the ghosts of their pasts threaten the beautiful possibilities ahead.

Will these two find the courage to weather the storm together? Or will their ever-evolving emotions tear them apart—maybe forever? 

What are you waiting for?! Read The Hoodie Girl right now

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love The Hoodie Girl? Read on!
Meet Chloe, Kameron, Katie, Kenz, Keilahni, Lilo, Presley and Taylor. These ~fabulous~ Girls' Life book besties heart reading as much as you do—and they're here to answer *all* our most burning Qs about The Hoodie Girl. Find out why they can't get enough of this romantic read (plus, the can't-miss confidence advice they're dishing out for the new school year!)...

Kameron, Katie and Kenz @couchsisters

Which characters did you relate to most? "Wren and Mia's friendship is total goals. They support each other through everything—whether it's Mia helping Wren through anxiety or Wren bringing Mia into her new friend group with the boys. You really feel they'll be BFFs forever, just like us." 
What scene instantly made you want to keep turning the pages? "The flirty, adorable moments when Asher and Wren are babysitting his sister Everly. So cute!" 
What did you learn from The Hoodie Girl? "You never know what anyone is going through in life—whether it's Wren's traumatic past or Asher's struggles with his family. That's why you should always try to be a kind, compassionate and nonjudgmental person. Always spread love." 

Keilahni @keilahnidixon

Are you a Wren or an Asher? "I'm definitely more of an Asher—confident, outgoing and super friendly when I meet new people. I love how he helps Wren come out of her shy shell." 
What did The Hoodie Girl teach you? "The book reminded me of the importance of being your true and authentic self. You're too amazing to fade into the background. You never know what's on the other side." 
On the surface, Wren and Asher are pretty different. Who is your opposite? "My sister is much more adventurous and I'm the calmer and more organized one. Our styles fuse together perfectly: She brings the spontaneous decisions, and I bring the perfectly planned schedule." 

Lilo @lilobaier

Name one scene in the book that felt super relatable. "I felt so connected to Asher right before he took the ice for his big hockey game. He describes the pressure as 'thrilling'—and that's exactly how I feel right before going onstage to act and sing. I always set a high standard for myself. That can feel intense, but exciting at the same time. I really related to Asher's passion to achieve his goals in life." 
How did Wren's confidence journey inspire you? "So many teens struggle with self-esteem every day. Being transported into Wren's and Asher's perspectives really helped me reflect on my choices. It's important to reach out to your friends to make sure they're feeling supported (and that you surround yourself with BFFs who do the same). You never know what's going on beneath the surface." 
Why did *you* heart The Hoodie Girl? "I love reading teen dramas and romances so The Hoodie Girl was perfect for me. I liked how Wren and Asher found their connection one step at a time. There was so much depth in that discovery. It never felt too rushed or too slow."

Presley @presleysbookreviews

Wren describes her hoodie as making her feel "comfortable. Safe. And most importantly? Invisible." Have you ever felt that way? "All the time. It's easy to get in my head and overthink things. To calm myself down, I take deep breaths and look for things that are comforting and familiar." 
Which The Hoodie Girl character really resonated with you? "When Wren has to do a drama performance in her class, she gets nervous and her first instinct is to blend in. I could *seriously* relate to that feeling—but, practice makes perfect, and the key to gaining courage is to put yourself out there again and again. I think Asher helps Wren realize that by the end of the story." 
What did you love most about the book? "The Hoodie Girl would make an amazing movie. I found myself visualizing the characters and moments as I turned the pages. From Asher and Wren's cute chemistry to Wren and Mia's fantastic friendship, I was so taken with every chapter." 

Chloe @chloenoelle910

How did The Hoodie Girl inspire you? "Wren and Asher's journey reminded me not to pressure myself to be perfect. In the acting world, it sometimes feels like everyone has a flawless life—and it's easy to start being critical of yourself. The Hoodie Girl reminds you that only YOU have the power to tell your story." 
Did you relate to Wren wanting to be invisible? "I had a falling out with some friends and it was really hard. A few months later, I had to see them at a party and just wanted to fade into the background." 
Which character would you most want to be? "Mia, for sure! She's all about owning the moment and expressing herself through her style, which is so me. Fashion is such an important way of showing the world who you are." 

Taylor @taylormfangmann

Do you believe that opposites attract? "Definitely. Wren and Asher's personalities contrast with each other in all the best ways—and blend together to form a really beautiful bond." 
Is your vibe more Wren or Asher? "I really connected to Asher's point of view, because I try really hard to project a confident and fun-loving mindset." 
Why do you recommend this read? "The Hoodie Girl is a must-read for teens because of how relatable it is. Everyone will be able to connect to one of the characters because they're going through the ups and downs of day-to-day high school life." 

So you've read the book and you're ready to talk all things The Hoodie Girl? Wondering *exactly* how the Bestie Book Club works and what it means to be a member? There are so many ways you can get involved—whether it's solo, on social media or with your whole squad. Here's a quick list...
+ SOLO. Take out your trusted journal and answer any of our reader response prompts based on The Hoodie Girl. Are you more of a Wren or an Asher? What is your "hoodie" in life and what would it take for you to leave it in the past? Like Wren with painting or Asher with hockey, what's your passion—and how would you feel if you couldn't do it anymore? Do you believe every relationship should start on a positive note? Do you think Wren and Asher's relationship is going to last? What side character from the book (Brody, Mia, Everly, Zach) did you relate to and why?
+ ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Share your thoughts on The Hoodie Girl using the hashtag #glbestiebookclub on Twitter and Instagram. (Just remember: You have to have a public account for us to be able to see and respond to your posts).
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by GL | 8/12/2021