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6 life lessons we've learned from Boy Meets World

The time has finally come for the Girl Meets World premiere (catch it this Friday, June 27, at 9:45p/8:45c on Disney Channel) and we're so excited! Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley must now face the world in her own adventures—but thankfully, her parents will be there to help along the way. 
We know that Cory Matthews has had his share of adventures in Boy Meets World, so we decided to flash back to when he was taking on the world himself. Here are our favorite life lessons we've learned from the amazing TV show that Cory will hopefully pass on to his daughter.


What life lessons has Boy Meets World taught you? Are you pumped for the Girl Meets World premiere? Share in the comments below.

  • be yourself.jpg

    Always be yourself

    If Topanga has taught us one thing, it’s to always be yourself. From middle school all the way through college, she never pretended to be someone she’s not. We love her fearlessness and how she always stood up for what she believes in. Whether it was her fashion sense or who her friends were, Topanga was 100 percent true.

  • face your fears.jpg

    Face your fears

    There were plenty of times when someone had the opportunity to run away from their problems, but they faced them head on instead. Like when Shawn had to talk to his biological parents or when Cory had to tell Topanga the truth. No matter the sitch, these characters taught us the importance of being honest.
  • friends are for life.jpg

    Friends really are for life

    Through this series, we were able to see firsthand how important friends are. The way the gang always stuck together, even through tough times, showed us what it is to be a true friend. We love that we got to watch this group grow up and how they were by each other’s side the whole time. Not to mention, we’re looking forward to following them even more on this Girl Meets World adventure.

  • listen to your teachers.jpg

    Listen to your teachers

    It’s no secret that Mr. Feeny played a huge role in the lives of his students. He taught them more than history and science—he taught them how to be successful in life and encouraged them to always do their best. Mr. Feeny was the teacher that everyone wanted to have. It’s something to think about over vacay before gearing up for the new school year.

  • family is more.jpg

    Family isn’t always blood related

    Family isn’t always necessarily just the people you are related to. The Matthews clan showed us this in the best way possible. They treated Shawn as if he was their own son and loved him just as much. Since Shawn didn’t have a good family of his own, everyone looked after him and gave him a loving home. If that’s not family, we don’t know what is.
  • DontJudgeABook.png

    Don’t judge a book by its cover

    We’ll be the first to admit that we judged some characters before we got to know them. Topanga? We thought she was a little weird. We were also convinced that Shawn was a bad boy and that Mr. Turner wasn’t a good teacher. Well, we were so wrong about it all. Coming to love these characters made us realize that we can’t judge someone just by the way they look and first impressions.


by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016
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