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Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift! 13 things we hope she has at her party

Oh, how time has flown. It seems like just yesterday that the country cutie was croonin’ her single “Our Song” back in 2007. Now that the GL cover girl is 23, we’ve got a list of things we really hope will be at this year’s bash. In truth, it’s just our dream party for Tay. What can we say—we think she deserves to enjoy her special day. Read on to see!

1. Family
No matter how old you get, it’s always fun to celebrate your day of birth with the loved ones you’ve been surrounded with since Day One. We’re hoping Tay gets to see her fam today, or at least she’ll receive some cute phone messages from Mom and Dad.

2. Friends
Our pals are the company we choose for ourselves, so we’re hopeful Taylor will get some special time with old and new buds.

3. Karaoke
OK, so maybe this item is a bit selfish, but we just love picturing Taylor giving a special performance at her own b-day bash.

4. Yummy food
No party is complete without plenty of delicious treats, but we’re hoping Tay resists the urge to go for her old favorite, breakfast from Cracker Barrel. Back in 2009, the singin’ star confessed to us that she will eat it at any time of the day!

5. Carnival games
A good way to let loose is to bust out the games. We’re thinkin’ Tay should bump it up a notch and have a full-fledged mini-carnival as part of her party. We’re talkin’ shooting booth games, teddy bear prizes, the works!

6. Plenty o’ gifts
Of course, receiving birthday gifts is a tradition. Taylor has a track record of giving her gal pals mace as a b-day gift, which is both smart and kinda funny. But we’re hoping she’s gifted some sweet stuff, like the black-and-white picture from a certain past boyfriend she once told us about: “It’s always awesome just to have a picture of the person you want to look at every day,” she said. How sweet!

7. Guest performances
If Tay won’t sing, why not invite some of her fave artists to do so. From Tim McGraw to Miley Cyrus, this gal could have a killer impromptu concert if she wanted.

8. Surprises
Of course, we can’t get much more specific than that because, well, it’s a surprise.

9. Pony rides
OK, so maybe we’re still fantasizing about a full-on Taylor Swift carnival birthday bash, but we can’t get over how cool it would be to have PONIES at her birthday. And we’re pretty sure with her country roots, she wouldn’t mind the four-legged friends being there either!

10. Star-studded company
With the well-known sort of people Taylor hangs out with, we won’t be surprised if she spends her day with an A-list bunch. Maybe she’ll even get to see her favorite celebrity—or at least get a call from her? Tay dished to us that she loves Ellen Degeneres, saying “She’s my favorite person to talk to. She brings out the best in everybody.”

11. Lots of tweets
Going along with the star-studded company, we’re hoping that those near and dear to the birthday girl will share some of the fun with the rest of us. Hello, instagrammed pics and cute tweets, anyone?

12. A cute outfit
We’re almost positive Taylor is not going to disappoint us on this one. Perhaps she’ll be rocking some stripes and her signature red lips? Or maybe she’ll unveil a whole new look on her 23rd?

13. A smooch from Harry
Ever since their adorable NYC date, we can’t get Haylor (as they’ve been dubbed) out of our mind. Are they or aren’t they dating? Either way, do you think this Brit might make an appearance for a special birthday kiss?

What would you gift Taylor Swift for her 23rd? Whose celeb birthday bash would you most want to attend? Blog about it, babes.

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016
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