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8 beauty products you can't live without

We’ve all tried our fair share of beauty products—some we love, others we just can’t seem to understand the hype behind. Whether it’s a special lotion that works wonders for your elbows or a lip balm you’re hooked on, we get it. Sometimes the simplest beauty products hold the key to our hearts, and if you’re anything like us, there are some we seriously just can’t live without. Here’s what’s topping our list…



  • 1beautyproducts.jpg

    For those of you with dry, roughed-up feet, try rubbing some petroleum jelly on your soles before bed. Your feet will thank you in the morning. More tips for this miracle-worker this way.


    Vaseline, $3, walmart.com

  • 2beautyproducts.jpg

    Up your nail game and go for a good topcoat that will make your mani last forever. Pop a coat on unpolished nails for extra strength or over your freshly painted tips for infinite shine.


    Essie Good To Go Top Coat, $10, ulta.com

  • 3beautyproducts.jpg

    We’ve all suffered bad breakouts thanks to yucky bacteria and oils clogging the glands on your face. That’s why we love a good complexion cleanser: it helps get rid of dead skin buildup, which decreases the likelihood you’ll breakout. Hooray for clean skin!


    Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleansing Bar, $3, aveeno.com

  • 4beautyproducts.jpg

    Is your pout pucker-ready? Get chapped lips back to normal and keep them kissably soft and with this über cute lip balm. We just can’t get enough of this adorable little ball of moisture.


    EOS lip balm, $3, eos.com

  • 5beautyproducts.jpg

    Dry elbows? Scars? Don’t worry, this cocoa butter crème tub will be sure to work wonders on your parched skin and help diminish the look of scarring. With key ingredients like lanolin and cocoa butter, you’ll be healed and moisturized in no time—without leaving a greasy mess behind.


    Queen Helen Cocoa Butter Creme, $4, walmart.com 

  • 6beautyproducts.jpg

    Fragrance-free, oil-free and perfect for sensitive skin—what’s not to love? This budget-friendly and lightweight face cream will leave you feeling utterly soothed and refreshed, no matter your skin type. Wash your face thoroughly, and then work in this lotion on your face and neck before bed.


    Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Moisturizer, $10, beautyencounter.com

  • 7beautyproducts.jpg

    Looking to amp up your locks this spring? Add argan oil to your hair routine. We love the yummy scent and totally glam shine it adds to hair, and it will help protect against damage from chlorine and sun once the weather heats up.


    Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Healing Oil, $6, target.com

  • 8beautyproducts.jpg

    Still hesitant to bare your legs after that dreadful winter? Go for Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs to make ‘em look totally flawless. This stuff dries right away and won’t rub off on your clothes—the perfect combo for a night out with your girls.


    Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Spray, $13, ulta.com

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