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150+ students walk out of school to protest poor conditions

This morning, three-quarters of the students at Richmond, Virginia’s Open High School marched out of class and walked straight to City Hall. Their goal: to meet with Mayor Dwight C. Jones, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.


The idea came to the kids earlier this April after word broke that some of the school’s buildings were old and unsafe. Roof failures and rodent problems have recently plagued the district, and students say there is often no toilet paper or soap in bathrooms.


“When we read that, we were really horrified at how terrible the conditions are,” senior Isabella Arias told the paper. She and other organizers put together a Facebook page to organize other students interested in protesting. And boy, were they successful.


After about an hour of waiting for the mayor, all 150 were invited inside to speak with him and discuss ways to solve the problems. He reportedly told them that the school board is responsible, and that the city has provided money to maintain the buildings. Apparently a group of students then reached out to the district superintendant, who was unavailable to meet with them today, but has set up a meeting with them at an undisclosed time. They also presented their questions and concerns to a member of the school board, Summer Orcutt writes on Facebook.


Isabella wrote on the Facebook event page for the walkout that she was planning to speak on behalf of the group at today’s 6:00 p.m. city council meeting.


Students will not be penalized by the school for walking out, and will be allowed to make up their missed assignments.


What do you think of this protest, babes? Would you participate in an event like this?




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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 4/28/2014 5:07:00 PM


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