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12 Days of Dresses: Glammed-out NYE dresses

Put away the noisemakers. If you wanna rile up the crowd, just slip into a sequin dress. We rounded up glitzy and glam dresses for you to ring in the New Year. Good to meet ya, 2014!



  • 1glamNYE.jpg

    Luxe lights

    Turn the dial to dainty with a scalloped pattern. Pair with a bold red lip for insta-glam.


    Sequin Swag Tank Dress, $20, bodycentral.com

  • 2glamNYE.jpg

    Copper countdown

    Now’s not the time to skimp on the sequins. This mesh metallic number will keep ya glowing past midnight, no matter how sleep deprived you are.


    Bombshell Sequin Dress, $28, forever21.com

  • 3glamNYE.jpg

    Spark the night

    Who says Christmas gets dibs on red party garb? Send off 2013 with flash of sequins in a tribal design.


    Sequin Tank Bodycon Dress, $33, wetseal.com

  • 4glamNYE.jpg

    Midnight hour

    Welcome 2014 with the hottest trend this second: geo designs. A splash of shimmer optional, but we wouldn’t recommend it.


    Geo Sequin Body-Con Dress, $40, charlotterusse.com

  • 5glamNYE.jpg

    New year, new blue

    Sure, the beaded bodice might be subtle, but this floaty frock screams elegance. Pair with red heels for a fashionista’s delight.


    Embellishment to Be Dress in Navy, $52, modcloth.com

  • 6glamNYE.jpg

    Auld lang style

    The ultimate party dress: Oodles of sparkle and a fluffy tulle skirt. Just smile and twirl!


    Cap Sleeve Sequin and Tulle Dress, $70, delias.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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