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10 ways to get your crush to ask you out

Crushin’ on a guy can be hard. And waiting for him to start crushin’ back can be even harder. But never fear! We’ve got a few super easy tips and tricks for you to try on your cutie.
Be friends first
When you’re crushin’ on a guy, we know that it’s hard to think of him as just a pal. But it’s important for him to get to know you as a friend before he can get to know you as something more. It might take time, but starting up a conversation with him a few times will totally go a long way.
Flash your pearly whites
A smile is a huge sign of confidence. Make eye contact with your crush, and flash him a killer grin. He’ll know you’re friendly—and that’s a good thing! A simple smile might give you the opportunity to walk over and strike up a conversation with him.
Don’t be afraid to flirt
If you want him to see you as more than a friend, you’re going to have to flirt with him a li'l. Not too much, because you don’t want to overdo it. But when you’re fun and flirty, he’ll start to see you in a different way. It will always show that you’re totally confident with who you are, which guys totally dig.
Change your route
It might be a good idea to switch up your route in the halls so you can pass him between classes. It’s a great way to squeeze in a quick convo and catch up with him. With this in mind, don’t switch up every single route. You don’t want to seem like you’re following him. If you get to see him once a day, it’ll be a sweet treat for you and him.

Listen as much as you talk

You obviously want him to know as much about you as possible, but you need to know just as much about him. When you’re chatting with him, make sure you’re not doing all of the talking. Make sure it’s a two-sided exchange!
Dress to impress
If you know you’re going to see your crush, maybe spend a li'l extra time picking out your outfit, or do something different with your hair. Don’t go all-out and get too fancy, but doing something different will definitely make you stand out and catch his attention.
Hang with a group
Suggesting a hangout sesh with just the two of you might seem like too much to him at first. Try getting a group of your girls together and tell him to bring his guys. That way, you still get to hang out with him, but you get to test the waters first. Added bonus? You’ll get to know his friends and vice-versa.
Partner up
If you have a class with your crush, suggest being partners on a project. It’ll be a great way to get some quality hang-time and get to know each other a little more. You’ll get to see how you two work together, and he will too!
Get to know his buds

One of the best ways to a guy’s heart is through his pals. It’s always a good sign when a girl can hang out with a group of “bros” and just have a good time. Your crush will see that you’re really down-to-earth and easy to get along with. His friends will get to know you, too!

Don’t let the secret out

It’s totally cool for you to let your girls know you’re crushin’, but try not to tell your crush! It might make him feel uncomfortable, and he might still be getting a feel for the situation. If he likes you, he’ll make it obvious when he’s ready. Just keep the friend thing going and he’ll figure everything out for himself.


BY KATELYN LESTER ON 11/16/2013 12:00:00 AM


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