5 signs you participate in class too much (and how to chill out)

When you’re a good student, it’s tough to sit back and pretend that you don’t know what the teacher is talking about or that you don’t have the answer to her every question. You want to throw your arm in the air—partly because you want Teach (and everyone else) to know you’ve totally got this. And partly because listening to your classmates give a roundabout, kind of correct answer is really boring. But just ‘cause you’re in the right doesn’t mean you have to bat a thousand during class. Here are 5 signs you're chatting too much:

#1 Your teacher pauses before calling on you

It’s not because she’s preparing herself to be dazzled by your intelligence. Rather, she wants to see if anyone else is gonna throw a hand in the air before she defaults to you.

#2 …or says, “Anyone else know the answer?”

Yeah, not a joke—she really wants to see your classmates taking the lead, too. You should aim to split time equally among yourselves instead of taking the lion’s share.

#3 Your classmates roll their eyes when you answer a Q

Similarly, they aren’t amused. Chances are, they’re a little annoyed—especially if they happen to know the answers but can’t get a word in edgewise around your verbosity.

#4 People start relying on you to take the lead in class

Ever been working with a group and your classmates automatically look to you for direction? Sometimes it’s nice to be the one sailing the ship, but you shouldn’t have to do all the work, ever.

#5 When you’re under the weather, the classroom is dead quiet

Everyone has gotten so used to you answering Teach’s questions that they can’t remember a time when they raised their hand, too…so they just, uh, stopped. And you not being in the mood to be a brainiac isn’t making them rev their engines.


Sound familiar? OK. Here’s how to chill out, chica

Give yourself a solid limit: You can answer two, maybe three questions every class, tops. Your teachers know you’re smart, and you prove it constantly on homework, quizzes, tests and papers. They don’t need a daily reminder, and neither do your classmates. And if they really need you to answer a Q, they’ll call on you even when your hand isn’t raised, just ‘cause they know you’re engaged in the material.

Are you a chronic hand-raiser? Tell us in the comments!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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