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#AskAwsten: "Help! I can't stop biting my nails"

You asked...
"I keep biting my nails! I know it is a horrible habit, but I just can't stop. Last year, my Dad found out and he made me wear socks on my hands. It was so embarrassing! How can I stop this?"

Awsten answered..
"OK—full disclosure here—I'm still gross and bite my nails. But I was able to quit for a while in high school by painting my nails with clear nail polish so they'd taste horrible any time I subconsciously started to relapse. It worked for a long time, actually, so I'm going to say you should roll with that. If you don't like that idea, wear gloves at all times and forget you have delicious nails attached to your fingers. Whatever works! Also, I think your dad rules, give him a sock-handed high five from me."

Awsten Knight is the frontman of pop-punk band Waterparks whose debut full length, Double Dare, was released last fall. You can catch the band opening up for All Time Low all summer long on the Last Young Renegade Tour. Grab your tickets here!


by Awsten Knight | 7/11/2017
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