DIYs to turn your vacay memories into room decor

So you went on vacation and came home with a bunch of keepsakes. But now they're just sitting on the kitchen table. Here are some cute ways to turn those travel souvenirs into room decors that you'll enjoy all year round.


Travel memory jars
This is a great way to combine all your collectibles from the beach. You can even stash the leftover sand that came home in your towels in the jars and label them according to where you visited. Then add your fave picture from the trip.

Travel journals 
Get creative with these and include postcards, clippings and photos. Use colorful gel pens and stickers to add flair.

Travel keepsake boxes
If you have a lot of random knick-knacks from your trip, get a box (you can even use an old shoebox) and decorate it in a way that reminds you of where you travelled. Store all your items inside, then look at it whenever you have a case of wanderlust. 

Travel map
A map is a fun way of putting together all your memories from all the places you've been to and keep track of your travels. It will also be great motivation to keep visiting new spots so you can add to it.

Shadow box
Another to organize and display your souvenirs is by making a shadow box. Put in whatever you want and then hang on your bedroom wall so you can see it every day.

How do you show off your vacay keepsakes? Share below! 

Photo credit: Pinterest.

by Timi Awoyinka | 7/22/2017
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