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Check out our new spring playlist

If you're always wondering how you're gonna have enough energy to finish your workout, take a hint from our playlist and pick some tunes to keep ya going.
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I tried to send an email to Brittany to delete my club Weight Watchers Support because in the Club FAQ that is what it said to do if I wanted it deleted. I sent it a while ago and it hasn't been deleted. So I was wondering if you could delete it or have someone else delete it?

Hey girl, unfortunately I don't have the power to do that, but I'd give Brittany some time (or just send another email to follow up). She's an ed and super busy. Chances are she just hasn't gotten to your e-mail yet.

Alyssa B.

by teardrops on my jazz shoes on 5/19/2011 6:22:16 PM


MOD MOD MOD i am trying to eat healthy but I just had four teeth pulled and cant eat anything hard what should I do?


Hi girly,

It is okay to eat ice cream or soft foods while you recover. I would recommend yogurt or soup. Once your mouth recovers you will be able to get back to your healthy eating regiment.


danielle D.

danielle D.

by olympians on 5/19/2011 5:38:53 PM


i am trying to get a 7 min mile or less by the end of the summer. that means i'd have to drop 23 seconds off my mile now. do you have any tips?


Hey girlie! Just keep training and gradually increase your speed. If you want you could do this on the tredmill so you know exactly how long it takes and how fast you were going. 

Erin G.

by freeflyer759 on 5/17/2011 4:53:45 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have the worst mosquito bite! Any ideas on how to stop the itching?? Thanks(:


Hey chica!  There are some products you can buy, like at the drugstore, that help stop the itch.  But I just did a quick search, and I read that putting a piece of scotch tape on it for a few hours can help.  Might be worth a try! Smile

Marie H.

by *dance_love_live* on 5/15/2011 4:20:09 PM


@maeve I LOVE THAT SONG!!!

by cutiemuffins on 5/13/2011 10:56:12 PM


i suggest What The Hell by avril Lavigne, really upbeat!!!

by mookiesmiles on 5/13/2011 9:46:09 PM


I am going to get a new icon (for my profile on GL) What do you think would be cute? I want to do something unique.. Not like flowers or a famous person. Thx!

Hey girl, I think it should be your fave food (like cupcakes or candy) or fave city or beach scene. Cityscapes are way cool, for instance.

Alyssa B.

by loveforever21 on 5/12/2011 11:51:31 PM


BTW, a really good song (I think) is Trouble by NeverShoutNever

by Maeve01 on 5/12/2011 10:00:47 PM


Finally!!!! Some good, not little-kiddish songs!!! I like a lot of these!!!

by Maeve01 on 5/12/2011 10:00:24 PM


I like most of these songs. I'm going to need to make another playlist on my iPod!

by kirklin22 on 5/12/2011 5:31:29 PM

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