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Breaking SilenceBY jeanamarie99 | PUBLISHED 5/10/2014 | UPDATED 5/10/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This love story is kinda like... A mix of all Sarah Dessen

It’s been a year now. A year of silent suffering for Maggie Ross. As Halloween approaches, memories reawaken- memories that she’d much rather forget. Maggie keeps everyone at arm's length, so when Leo Schroff comes back into her life, she’s more than wary. And then, to her own shock, she finds herself opening up after a year of silence. With the help of Leo and her closest friends, perhaps she can find true peace with her past- and maybe even a true love. (Author's note: This story contains minimal swearing. Breaking Silence is on Wattpad if you prefer, and you can follow my Instagram- @jeanamariewrites, for some nerdy fun! Thanks for reading the story, girls!

47129 words38 chapters

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