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5 reason why Netflix's Bridgerton is the best new show

Maybe you came across it while browsing on Netflix, trying to find something new to watch after dinner. Maybe you're a diehard Downton Abbey fan and you're looking for a new period drama. Maybe your BFF keep raving about it and you finally want in. However you heard about it, you *know* Bridgerton is the hottest show on Netflix rn.


Or just maaaybe you've never heard of Bridgerton before and you're wondering what all the fuss is about. Don't worry, we got your back!


Netflix's newest show focuses on various notables during England's debutante season: the Bridgerton family (pictured above), the Featherington family, the newly arrived Duke of Hastings and the scheming Queen Charlotte, among others. They form friendships, alliances and rivalries, and *all* of them have secrets.

Reason #1: It's basically Gossip Girl (in the 1800s)

"Xoxo, Lady Whistledown"

Much like the way Gossip Girl keeps New York's elite on their toes, the mysterious Lady Whistledown *always* finds out what England's best are hiding. Fans of the CW favorite will instantly love this extra dramatic character...on an already drama filled show!

Reason #2: It's diverse


Bridgerton is different from many other historical dramas: it's very diverse. It reimagines what the timeperiod looked like; chock full of people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Plus, it leads to discussions on making period pieces more inclusive going forward. Go Bridgerton!

Reason #3: The music is fire 


Were you surprised to find yourself singing along to the string quartet in ballroom scenes? The Bridgerton soundtrack had many a viewer stratching their head, trying to figure out why they recognized the music. Here's the tea: many of the tracks were covers of popular songs, from Thank U, Next to In My Blood. Once you start listening to the classical covers, you won't be able to go back to the original radio hits! 

Reason #4: It helps us escape 

With all the craziness of the world going on rn, we *love* having a way to escape, even temporarily! Bridgerton—and the competitive world of the English season—is the *perfect* destination. 

Reason #5: It started out as a book series!


So once you're done with the show (and *dying* for more Bridgerton content) you can pick up the books and dive right back in!


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by Elina Graham | 1/14/2021