Isaak Presley is collaborating with the *coolest* people right now

Actor? Yep. Singer? Mhmm. Completely cool kid? Absolutely. From his roles on Netflix's Fuller House and Disney Channel's Stuck in the Middle to his collab channel on YouTube, we've got the inside scoop on all things Isaak Presley.

As Bobby Popko from the recently-released second season of Fuller House and as Ethan Diaz on Stuck in the Middle, Isaak portrays two totally different but still equally chill characters. Bobby is a laid-back ladies man who's what you'd consider an honorary member of the Tanner family. "He's really fun to play, because he's so different from me. He does things that never in my life would I dare to do, like his talent of talking to girls." Meanwhile, Isaak appreciates playing Ethan, too. "He's definitely what I aspire to be. He's like ten levels calmer than I will ever be."

Besides the fun of portraying two awesome characters, Isaak also adores acting alongside a bunch of kids his age. "Having my siblings and just to be able to engage with other kids in the scene is so amazing. The shows would be way less fun without that." He's even besties with his Fuller House castmate, Michael Campion. "When Michael and I met we were kind of destined to be friends. We both just clicked with each other right off the bat."

Because acting with huge crews of kids on two shows just wasn't enough for Isaak, he also teamed up with Michael and other friends from Bizaardvark, Walk the Prank and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn to form their YouTube collab channel, Squad 7. Isaak says it's so fun to get to be silly and creative with his pals and entertain in a fun, kid-friendly way all at the same time. Squad 7 consists of Isaak, Michael, Ethan Wacker (Bizaardvark), Cody Veith (Walk the Prank) and Casey Simpson (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn). Peep one of their hilarious skits below!

Along with time on screen, this multi-talented star is also a music maker. Isaak has a love for playing guitar and singing, and even released an album in 2015 called The Magic of Christmas, which features 10 totally jam-worthy jolly songs. In between all of his completely cool projects, Isaak's been working on a little something new, too: original songs. Inspired by David Bowie, he recently penned a song called "Five Seconds to Mars" with his pops. "David Bowie is one of my all time heroes, I love that guy. He has some incredible music." 

Even though the release date is TBD, we're already planning an awesome listening party. We're sure that this track is going to be completely fun and fresh!

Who would you rather have as a BFF: Ethan Diaz or Bobby Popko? Let us know in the comments! 

Photo credit: Tammie TerVeen, Michael Yarish/Netflix

by Julia Bonney | 12/12/2016
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