Make Shawn smile with a heartfelt handwritten note

 If you've been blasting "Treat You Better" and "Ruin" on repeat (and are still struggling to get "Stitches" out of your head), we *totally* get it. Shawn Mendes is an incredible artist. He's got a soulful voice, savvy song-writing skills and the guy's drop-dead gorgeous! Did you know that he also has a heart of gold?

Shawn became the ultimate catch when he launched his #NotesFromShawn campaign with in 2014. Now, he's teaming up with Paper Mate InkJoy to continue to make the world a brighter, happier place. Continuing the tradition of #NotesFromShawn, the "Spread Joy, Not Smears" campaign encourages fans to share handwritten notes with their besties, families and anybody else who could use a little joy. Shawn's a firm believer in the power of handwriting and hopes to promote positivity and boost the self-esteem of as many people as possible. For him, being a star is about the music he sings and the messages he sends.

Shawn's summer tour kicks off on July 15. Along with his catchy lyrics, he'll be bringing brand-new Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens and note pads so fans can share their own joyful messages. Already seeing Shawn in Baltimore on August 12? Come to Girls' Life's annual fashion show event, Fashion Bash, featuring Olivia Holt, Sammi Sanchez and many more fab performers. You *don't* want to miss this. If you don't have tickets, don't fret. Anybody can use #SpreadJoy to share a note with Shawn on Instagram and Twitter.

Shawn spilled exactly why happiness and handwritten notes mean so much to him. Read on, below!

GL: #SpreadJoy is such an awesome idea! What kinds of messages should fans write and submit?

Shawn: Fans can share anything, any handwritten note, that promotes positivity or helps brighten someone else’s day. The simplest things can really be so impactful, and I just hope with Paper Mate InkJoy and this campaign we can inspire my fans to get involved in promoting happiness. 

GL: You’re all about spreading positivity–why is this such an important cause? 

Shawn: When I initially started doing this way back a few years ago, it was all based on the idea that doing just one simple, nice thing for someone could really change their day. I had so many fans sharing the personal issues they faced with me, and telling me how much the little things got them through their hard times, that I really wanted to come up with a way to help in any way I could and to encourage my fans to also help others in the same way. 

GL: What makes handwritten notes so special?

Shawn: There's just something about the handwritten word that means so much, and that can't be replaced. Sometimes we get so lost in the technologies of today that we don't appreciate those simpler things. I just think one simple note, with a simple handwritten phrase, is so powerful–more than most people realize.

GL: Who was the last person to write you a meaningful handwritten note, and what did it say?

Shawn: It was actually for this exact campaign. It said #SpreadJoy and I shared it with all of my fans when we announced the campaign with Paper Mate InkJoy!

GL: If you could write a note to anyone, who would it be and what would you write? 

Shawn: That's a really, really tough one, but maybe Michael Jackson. No clue what I'd write though!

GL: Any details you can share with your fans about a new album?

Shawn: It's coming out in September! I just can't wait for everyone to hear it, since I've been working so hard on it for so long. 

GL: Are there any special surprises fans can look forward to on your headlining tour?

Shawn: I'm definitely planning some big surprises as far as playing some new music nobody has heard yet and also going to be doing some pretty awesome things onsite with Paper Mate #SpreadJoy and NotesFromShawn!

What note will you be sharing with Shawn? Let us know in the comments below.


by Sydney Adamson and Megan Sawey | 7/14/2016