11 stylish unicorn products that will make every girl feel magical

Do you believe in unicorns? It seems like these magical creatures are popping up everywhere these days, especially in the latest fashion and beauty trends. Check out a few of our fave unicorn products—they're sure to leave you feeling mystical, sparkly and beautiful...well, more than you already do 🦄

1. Unicorn Snot @ Factory, $10


Sounds gross, right? But this glitter gel for your face, body and hair is bound to make you sparkle.

2. Unicorn Necklace Set @ Francesca’s, $22

Is your spirit animal a unicorn? Your BFF's too?! This is the perfect gift to show her what a spectacular friend she is.

3. Unicorn Balloon T-shirt @ Forever 21, $9

Add a little magic to your #OOTD with this fabulous unicorn tee.

4. Magical Sound Unicorn phone case @ Claire’s, $15

Carry a unicorn wherever you go with this enchanted phone case. It even makes unicorn sounds—talk about magical!

5. I Heart Makeup Unicorn's Heart highlighter @ Tambeauty, $9

Time to step up your makeup routine! This rainbow highlighter is sure to make you stand out, just like a unicorn.

6. Unicorn table lamp @ Target, $35

You will feel like you stepped right into a fairytale everytime you step into a room with this lamp.

7. KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit @ CVS and Walgreens, $10

Not only does the glitter add texture to your look, you'll also look like a unicorn with it on your nails!

8. Unicorn string lights @ Modcloth, $12

Fact: Your room will be boring without these string lights.

9. Unicorn Party Tube @ Amazon, $20

Remember Taylor Swift's swan tube? This might just be cooler!

10. The Unicorn Coloring Book @ Amazon, $8

Try coloring with these sparkly crayons or pencils to make your drawings even more dreamlike.

11. Ultimate Unicorn Beanie @ Justice, $7

Show everyone your unicorn spirit with this awesome beanie. Who says you can wear caps in the warmer months?!

What do you think of this new unicorn trend? Let us know in the comments below! 

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by Emily Mullin | 3/30/2017