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Happily Ever After looks a *little* diff in this magical read

We all know the fairytale ending: Belle falls in love with the Beast and breaks the Enchantress's curse, the Beast changes back into the handsome prince, the castle returns to normal and everyone lives happily ever after.

Until they don't.

In Emma Theriault's Rebel Rose, Belle finds herself far from her provincial life she was so eager to leave behind as she becomes a queen in the French province of Aveyon.

Sounds perfect, right? But it's 1789—and France is about to change forever. Soon, Belle is balancing her duties, her love and her politics as revolution sparks in Paris.

Rebel Rose is the first book of The Queen's Council series. These books revisit our favorite tales as old as time—and the empowered princesses behind them.

Whether you totally fell in love with Beauty and the Beast growing up (or you know every word of Les Miserables or maybe even both!), it's impossible not to wonder what happens to Belle after she breaks the spell and settles down as a royal in France.

Rebel Rose is *full* of political intrigue, love and of course, a little dash of magic, too. 

As Belle walks between two worlds, her commoner roots and her royal future, she'll have to question what it means to be a queen—especially when she discovers a mysterious magic that brings a dire warning with it—all while rebellion is approaching her doorstep.

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by Erin Sargent | 9/10/2020