Quiz - Could you be a unicorn?

Would you be brave enough to save your sib from the grips of evil? In Marabel and the Book of Fate by Tracy Barrett, Marabel sets out on a magical quest to do just that—and to save her kingdom of Magikos from complete disaster.


Marabel and Marco are royal twins...but everyone assumes Marco is the "Chosen One" thanks to The Book of Fate's predictions. Marabel doesn't love living in Marco's shadow—but when the evil queen kidnaps him, she sets aside her feelings and sets out rescue him. Ellie, Marabel's BFF, wouldn't dare let her go alone and vows to stay by her side the entire journey. Floriano, a unicorn who escaped from the stables to find adventure, joins the quest, too. Will this team save Marco in time? Find out in Marabel and the Book of Fate by Tracy Barrett.


Below, take the quiz to find out which character you'd be in the hunt for Marco: Marabel, Ellie or Floriano.


What's your favorite thing about yourself?


What are you wearing to the ball?


What's your worst fear?


You and your friends are trying to complete an escape room challenge. What's your role?


What's the biggest thing you struggle with?


If you lived in Magikos, what would you do for fun?


Quick! You need to get out of the castle to save Marco—what route do you take?!