Help for a homeschooler

I have been homeschooled since kindergarten. I tried going to school for fifth and sixth grade, but I never felt like I fit in and so I went back to homeschool. Lately I have been feeling even worse and like I don’t fit in more than ever. 

Please tell me how I can still continue homeschooling but feel better about myself?

- Homeschooler in Utah

Hey hon, you’re not alone. Everyone goes through a period of feeling like they don’t belong—whether you’re homeschooled or attend school. The key to feeling better about yourself is to find your niche. You know, that one thing you do better than anybody else—that thing that makes you feel on top of the world.

Get active!

Many homeschool associations have extracurricular activities for students such as sports, drama club or youth group. If you have a passion for soccer, join the local youth team. Not only will you be doing something you love, you’ll meet other people who love it, too. You’ll also be part of a team where people depend on you and you’ll learn what it’s like to work together.

Use your talent to do good
If sports aren’t your thing, there are tons of other options. Wanna be the next Taylor Siwft? See if you can use your musical talent for something good—like singing in church or teaching little kids how to play the guitar.
Or maybe you’re a great artist. You can volunteer your time at a nursing home painting portraits of senior citizens. It’s sure to bring a smile to their faces.

You’ll feel better about yourself because you’re helping others feel better about themselves, too. No matter what you do, remember you have to be true to yourself. Not only will you be happier in the long run, but you’ll also meet real friends who appreciate you exactly for who you are. You go, girl!

Lots of love,

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2/11/2010 7:00:00 AM