I think I'm fat

I have a major problem. OK, I'm not overweight, but I'm not skinny either. It always seems like I'm kind of fat when I look at my stomach, and I'm thinking I should stop eating. I know I really shouldn't and it's extremely dangerous, but I really want to be thin. I especially feel this way because my big sister is so thin and looks like a supermodel. I'm so jealous of her and I feel so bad about myself. And, I hardly eat any veggies and I mostly eat meat and sugar. I feel like the only possible way I can get as thin as my sister is if I don't eat. And all I want to do is be like her because she is friends with everyone at school, knows everyone who's anyone, and never has any problems. Unlike her I don't have a lot of friends, and growing up I was always the target. It seems so unfair that she gets to be so perfect. So I guess it's not just the eating problem, but everything else too.' -Kelly'


There are so many girls out there who are unhappy with their weight. Like you, many don't know what to do to change it. The problem is, most of you are at a perfectly healthy weight already. You may want to look like the girls you see in magazines or on television, but looking like that may not be realistic for you. Sure those models might look good on the runway, but in actuality there a number of cases where young models suffer from malnutrition and even die from starving themselves. Not eating is not even an option if you want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. If anything, it will only cause more problems and endanger your health.
Being healthy is about being at the right weight for you. To find out if you are at that weight, talk to your doctor. Your doc can help you by comparing your weight with the healthy norms of other girls your age/size. He or she can help you set realistic weight loss goals.
If you do need to lose weight, talk to your parents first. Ask them to help you by removing fatty foods from the house and encouraging you to exercise more. Losing weight is about making some simple substitutions. Instead of soda, drink water or 100% fruit juice. Instead of a sandwich on white bread try whole wheat. Instead of cookies for dessert have apples. Instead of asking your mom for a ride to your friend's house, ride your bike.
And stop comparing yourself to your sister! You are two different people with two different lives. Be yourself and don't worry about her. Instead of trying to live up to how she is, why don't you use that energy to build up all your great characteristics. You're so caught up on the all the negatives that you are overlooking all the positives you have too!
Can your sister sing as well as you, does she have a knack for style like you, she might be skinny, but does she have JLO curves like you? Your sister is not the poster child for beauty. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.



by GL | 2/1/2016