School dress code dilemma

I'm going to high school this year and I was so excited to show off all my clothes! But now we have a new superintendent who changed the dress code.

So now we can't wear anything that is higher than four inches above the knee, can't wear tank tops at all and all shirts must cover the shoulder! At my old school our shorts and skirts could be thumb length. I don't know what to do now. Fashion is my life!

Hey chica,

That totally stinks! It’s never nice to have a strict dress code, but you can still stay a fierce fashionista. My advice? Don’t sweat it too much. If people can make uniforms fashionable (Hellloooo, Gossip Girl!), you can totally look great even with all the restrictions. To do so…

New takes on old styles

When all of your outfits don’t fit the rules on their own, you gotta mix and match them up differently. An example? If you got a sleeveless tank top, layer it up with a cute, colorful shirt underneath. Does a skirt seem too short? Try on some chic leggings (leggings can count as pants!). There are so many things you could do!

Mix it up 

Next, remember that are a lot of fashionable clothes that meet your new dress code. If you’re used to wearing only sleeveless shirts and ultra short shorts/skirts, now’s the time to explore and find clothes that are in-style, but you wouldn't have worn with your old school's rules. Plaid prints, ruffles and over-sized, long tops are big these days and you can find sooo many that will meet your school’s standards.

Stay fashionable...and fierce!

Lastly, don’t let this whole dress code bring you down. Being fashionable is fab, but it all depends on how you carry yourself in what you wear. If you strut down the hallways with confidence, then you’ll look fabulous no matter what. Just keep that in mind and you’ll definitely be the fashionista at your high school!

Best wishes,

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9/24/2009 7:00:00 AM