Second-Pick Pal

So you and your girl had some probs when she got a new BFF but you’ve decided to forgive and forget. She invites you to a sleepover and you’re ready to have fun, but then that BFF of hers tells you you’re her second choice. You were only invited because her BFF couldn’t make it. Ouch! How do you deal?

I have this so-so friend. I've been to her house a couple times before for sleepovers. Recently she got a new BFF and we’ve been fighting, but I was getting over that so when my friend invited me over for a sleepover, I agreed to go. But the next day at school, her BFF told me about how the only reason I was invited over was because she couldn't make it. It was really rude and I don’t like that I’m her alternate!

BFF Fix-it: Sounds like your friend’s new BFF sees you as competition. Don’t go believin’ everything she tells you. Talk to your friend and let her set the record straight. She was prob just as excited to hang out as you were to catch up after so long. But if it seems like she does prefer her new friend, so be it. You and this girl can still be friends, but let that motivate you to hang out with some other girls too and not feel attached to just one first! 

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8/24/2009 7:00:00 AM