Fab (and easy!) First-Day Hair

How presh is GL intern Miliana’s sweet ‘do? We approve. Where’d she get the idea? “My updo for prom had all these intricate braids in it. I loved it, so I made it a little more casual and now I can do it really quickly in the morning!” Miliana spills.
Whether you’ve got tons of curlies or pin straight tresses, you can do this look at home. Here’s the how-to:

 Wash, dry and part your hair as you normally would.
Use your fingers to grab a section of hair from one side of your part, starting at your hairline.

Begin loosely so the braid isn’t tight against your head.
When you get to the nape of your neck, stop braiding and pull all of your hair into a ponytail. Include the end of the braid without letting it come undone.
Twist the pony to form a neat, but loose, ballet bun. Secure it with a hair elastic.


by Miliana Budimirovic | 2/1/2016