Makeup All Day!

What is the best way to apply makeup so you don’t have to touch-up at school?

We totally feel ya on this one, sistah. Melty mascara, half-gone lip gloss, sloppy eyeshadow and chipping digits are SO last year. Here's our checklist for your best touch-up-free back-to-school makeup bag. 
Waterproof Liner
We get you—nothing’s worse than looking into the bathroom mirror after third period, realizing your eyeliner is smudged...and having a, “How long has THAT been there?” moment. We love waterproof liners, ‘cause they totally stay put.
BadGal Liner Waterproof, $20,
Great Gloss
As for your lips, look for a gloss that’s got color on one side and a sealer on the other. After you apply, let the gloss dry (don’t smush you lips together). Then, brush on a layer of the top coat. Toss it in your purse for post-lunch touch-ups.
Prep With a Primer
To avoid eyeshadow that evaporates, prep your lids with a primer. This will help keep shadow in place for hours.
Eyeshadow Primer Potion, $17,
Nail It Down
To make your mani last longer (‘cause, um, you def CAN’T redo your nails in English), slick on a base coat before you paint your nails. It’ll keep your polish from chipping, big time.
-Megan Parker


8/13/2009 7:00:00 AM