Fall Sports Survey

We’re still swelterin’ in the summer sun, but fall sports tryouts are just around the corner.
Whether you’re gonna kick it in soccer or cruise for the cross-country team, take our fun fall sports survey. Plus, spill your best-ever tryout secrets and help the G-Life girls make the team!

Do you play a fall sport? If so, tell us which one!

Have you been practicing all summer to get set for tryouts?

Will you try out for varsity or junior varsity or play in a rec league?

What are some of your fave moves for staying in shape?

Are there any super-tough training techniques you do, even though they kick your butt?

What’s your fave fall sport to watch?

Have you picked up any super-healthy habits this summer that you’re gonna take back to school?

How do you calm your nerves before sports tryouts or a big competition?

What’s your best tryout tip for girls who want to make the team?


by GL | 2/1/2016