Two-Faced Trashtalker

You are getting older and things are changing.  One big change is that your friend since forever is starting to act a little funny.  She is so sweet and nice when the two of you are alone together but at school she’s a total meanie!  It seems like everyone is one her side and you don’t know what to do.

There is this girl that was so nice to me when I was new at elementary school but now that we're in middle school she acts like a total brat! She spills my secrets to all of my other friends and it's really embarrassing. I don't know how to handle my mean friend’s behavior because I've never seen her act like this. I've tried to go to the guidance counselor to see what he can do and every time he pulls her into his office she acts like she knows nothing!

Her mom even works at the school and watches after her. I feel like when I go to stand up to her, her mom's going to see and get me in some sort of trouble. I don't know how much more I can take of it because she is constantly making fun of my small boob size and treating me like garbag.! When we're together by ourselves though she acts completely different and promises she won't say those things again but she does!

BFF Fix-it: This girl has to decide what she wants. She shouldn’t just brush the harsh things she does and says to you off her shoulder like it was no big deal… and you shouldn’t let her! Instead of confronting her about her nasty behavior when the two of you are alone and she’s being nice, why not confront her mid-action? Next time her horns come out and she embarrasses you purposely, call her out!  Let her know IN FRONT of everyone that those things aren’t nice. Then, ask why she repeatedly says and does these things. She'll be floored that you're standing up for yourself. Kill her with that confident, chica!

If her nasty behavior continues to be a problem even after that then I would suggest dropping her and finding a friend that doesn’t make you feel so bad about yourself.  After all, buds are supposed to help our self-esteem, not knock it down.

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7/24/2009 4:42:00 PM