The Uniform Project!

With a new school year coming up, everyone is looking for ways to spice up their looks.

Anyone who has had to wear a uniform knows how tough it is to keep your outfits lookin’ fresh and fashionable. 

Imagine how tough it is for Sheena Matheiken to come up with a new look every day for a whole year! Sheena is the creator of The Uniform Project, along with Eliza Starbuck.

Eliza designed the seven identical basic black dresses (one for each day of the week) that Sheena is wearing each and every day for a whole year. Their goal is to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation, a program that will help pay for uniforms and other educational expenses for kids living in Indian slums.

Sheena grew up wearing a uniform when she went to school in India and remembers that kids were always findings ways to bend the rules and show their own personalities. She is now using the same techniques to accessorize, but this time the stakes are a little higher than looking cool on the playground.

The project started in May as an example of what Sheena calls sustainable fashion, with accessories that were donated from all over the world or found in thrift stores or on eBay. These creative looks may be based on a uniform but they are totally different every day. Check out the website RIGHT HERE to pick up some tips on accessorizing your own back to school wardrobe and to donate to a great cause.


by Allie Simmons | 2/1/2016