Popularity Problemo

Your BFF who you've known forever is now in a cooler crowd than you are. She has started to hang out with the popular girls at school and is telling your secrets to everyone! 

She keeps treating you like you don’t exist at school, but when no one else is around she uses you as a friend. Doesn’t seem like this chick is acting like a bestie to me...

OK, so I have this BFF that I have known since first grade. We are now in middle school. She lives two houses down, and we have gotten to know each other very well. But when we entered middle school, she started to hang out with the popular girls. That would have been fine except for two things. 1. She was my BFF, and 2. She started spreading my secrets to EVERYONE! Even the cute guy I like. Now everyone makes fun of me for them!

And the worst part is she still tries to hangout with me after school! I don't know why I can't stop hanging out with her, we had some good times, but she can be just plain mean! Not only that but she uses me also, walking to and from school with me then ditching me when we get to school. I miss the un-popular BFF I used to have.

BFF Fix-it: Sounds to me like your bestie needs to get her priorities straight. It seems like she wants to fit in with the popular girls but at the same time remain your BFF.  When the popular girls are talking about people, she most likely feels the need to fit in and gossip too, but the only secrets she has are yours.

Try asking her why she has been spreading your secrets and ask her to stick up for you instead of gossip about you. If she keeps dishing out your stuff, next time she needs a buddy to walk to school with tell her you are going to do your own thing that day. She’ll start to realize that she has hurt your feeling once she knows you don’t want to hang out anymore.  Find a new group to hang out with, and make some new friends in your neighborhood to walk to school with, she will come running back if she truly cares about you.

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6/15/2009 7:00:00 AM