Am I Losing My BGF?

Greg and I have been friends since kindergarten.
He has a new GF, and she invades our space. He’s also been acting different. I’m afraid of losing him.

What should I do?

Chances are he has no clue you feel neglected – guys can be oblivious about this stuff. So, tell him you miss him and, for whatever reason, you feel he’s acting different. Acknowledge that you want him to be happy and that you’re glad he has a girlfriend. Tell him you value the friendship and would love it if you two could spend some solo time together like you used to.

But also say it would be cool to hang with him and his girl sometimes – that way, he shouldn’t be uncomfortable inviting you to tag along once in a while. Be nice to him and his GF. If you’re friendly toward her (and not too friendly with him), they should be OK with you. Whatever you do, don’t end the friendship because you’ll probably be around longer than she will – but keep that one to yourself! If you’re sincere, he should make adjustments to fit you into his schedule.

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6/11/2009 7:00:00 AM