Hated in the halls?

I get along a lot better with the boys in my school. The girls seem to be really snobby and I just never had a connection with any of them.

I think the girls are starting to get jealous of me because I'm so close to the guys. I can see that they give me mean looks and talk about me when I walk by.

How do I get them to realize that I'm a nice girl without them just thinking I think I'm better than them?

Hey girlie!

It’s always hard being “one of the guys.” The girls at your school are most likely jealous of your relationship with them. Going through school without a girl friend to talk to is hard enough, but when all of the girls at school are talking about you behind your back it makes it harder to trust any girl at your school.

Most girls your age are either really into or starting to like boys, so by being BFFs with the guys, you are a threat to them.  Because you aren’t friends with these girls, they know nothing about you and are most likely intimidated by your relationship with the boys.

You should try to stand up for yourself when they are giving you mean looks or talking about you while passing by in the hallway but do it nicely! Tell them when you hear them talking about you, it really hurts you, and you would appreciate it if they would stop.

If you are too afraid to stand up for yourself, but still want them to realize you are a nice person and a good friend, you could let them into your world.  Ask some of them to sit with you and your guy friends at lunch, or in the hallway simply give them a friendly smile or say “hello.”  Ask them what they thought of the super hard science quiz. Try to get reach out to them little by little. By doing these things they won’t think of you as a threat. They'll see you for the great girl that you are!

-Lauren P.

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5/28/2009 7:00:00 AM