My bestie is the BEST at everything

My BFF is prettier, smarter, more talented, more fun and has a better personality than me. I know I should be more confident, but everyone at school loves her. Everything is so easy for her to do. She can sing, dance and act and she looks three times as good as me. Her life is perfect without any effort at all!

She is a great friend and doesn't mean to make me feel this way, I just do. Sometimes I feel like nobody will ever love me and that I'll never meet my dreams. I still want to like my friend but sometimes it's like I feel worse when I'm with her. What should I do?

First of all, you’re a great person, babe. Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel otherwise! You shouldn’t compromise your confidence just because you feel like you don’t stack up to your BFF. Realize that likeable, popular people are of many different shapes, sizes, and appearances – it’s not because your friend just got lucky and is the “perfect type”.

Girls often get confused ‘cause they think you need to look a certain way to get any sort of attention, but they’re totally wrong. It’s all about your attitude and personality. Sure, people may be interested by looks at first, but it's WHO you really are that helps them decide whether they wanna stick around. You could be the most gorge girl in the world, but if you’re a sourpuss, no one will enjoy being around you! So be a people person, branch out to people you might not usually talk to, or strike up a convo to the kid next to you in the lunch line. Friendliness and an outgoing personality are always great things to practice!

You should realize that your BFF’s seemingly perfect life is not without effort. She faces the same everyday challenges as you and everyone else, but the difference is how she deals with them. Next time you’re around your friend, take note of her attitude. Is she sunny and positive, always looking at the bright side of things? This may be why people are drawn to her. An upbeat, friendly personality is an awesome trait to have, so toss aside your grumbling, jealous mood and put a smile on! Stop comparing yourself to your bestie and begin embracing yourself for you. You’re different from her and everybody else in this world, so shine on, pretty girl!

-Alexa E.

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5/27/2009 7:00:00 AM