Making Memories with MOM!

Sure a Mother’s Day bouquet is a sweet way to show mom the love, but so is spending a fun ‘n’ fit day together. There are lots of cool activities you two can do that’ll get you moving, and give you time to bond and make loads of memories together. Make a new Mother’s Day tradition, starting this weekend! Here are our fave ideas, depending on what you and your mom heart.
If you and your mom enjoy trying out funky new foods…
…go to an outdoor market together. Check out a local farmer’s market or farm stand. The foods sold there are grown locally and are super-yummy, so you’ll feel good supporting your community and eating delicious treats. Remember: you are what you eat! After you prepare the food, enjoy it on the deck. You and your mom can have an awesome picnic together or get your fam to grill up stuff for your girl.
If you both like flowers…
…get your hands dirty and start a garden. Buy some seeds or plants and get digging. The flowers you plant will be a pretty reminder of the time you two spent together. Or, plant some vegetables and herbs. It’ll be fun to eat the veggies later in the year, and they’ll be extra tasty, ’cause you grew them!
If you and your girl love cooking (and sampling the finished product!)…
…cook up a new recipe together. Test out something you both enjoy, like enchiladas or seven-layer bars or smoothies. If your grandmother loved to cook, try whipping up one of her famous recipes.
If you both are smitten with cuddly pets…
…volunteer at a local animal shelter. Are you and your mom dog people? Offer to take some of the dogs for walks. Cat people? A lot of shelters accept volunteers to be “cat cuddlers.” Check out to find animal shelters in your area. Not only will you two be sharing an awesome experience, but you’ll also be helping animals in need. 
If you and your mom are constantly looking for new ways to stay active…
…try taking a cool new fitness class together. Check out your local gym or rec center for a list of exercise classes they offer. Ask your mom what she’d like to check out and do it—even if it’s not your fave. Exercise classes are fab ways to try something fun and different, but also to build up a sweat. Your bod will thank you! 
If you two love to do activities with tons of besties…
…round up a bunch of your BFFs and their moms and organize girls’ day out. You can come up with an active day filled with get-ya-moving stuff, like hiking, kayaking or mountain biking. Pack a healthy lunch and have a picnic wherever ya wind up. Take tonsa snaps and frame them later!
Happy Mother’s Day!


by Katy John and Alexa Ercolana | 2/1/2016