Ask Lucky: Making New Friends At Camp!

I’m going to a new camp this summer, and I’m worried. Lately, I find it hard to strike up convos and make new friends. I feel really stupid and uncomfortable. Any suggestions?

Everyone gets in a social rut every now and then. If you’re shy or feeling out of sorts, it can be hard to make conversations with people you don’t know well. Try to squash those nerves and be the friendly, outgoing girl that is somewhere inside you. When you can’t figure out what to say to someone, look for things you might have in common with her, like that John Mayer song she keeps humming, the animal rights button on her backpack or those cool patches she has sewn on the back pockets of her shorts. Starting with something trivial or doling out a sincere compliment can often get a conversation rolling.

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5/5/2009 7:00:00 AM