We Made a Mean Video About Our BFF!

I have two BFFs and one is really nice, but the other can get really annoying. We tried our hardest to confront her, but we are always waiting for another one of her annoying lectures. She literally screams at us when we tell her how she is acting and how we don't really like all the things that she had done to us.

So we made a video, that said how we don't like how she hurts our feelings and stuff like that. She found out what the name of our video was, and watched it online. She tried to play it cool for a couple of days but then she exploded on us. Now she has been avoiding us and hanging out with two other girls. Would that make us the bad person here or her? Please help!

Oh girl, I'm sorry you're having such problems with your BFF. Sometimes people change and, sadly, it means that someone who you can be super close to one day, just isn't a part of your life anymore. I can tell that you really wanna save your friendship, so, if you're willing to do a li'l bit of work, I think you can do it.

First of all, even though you and your other BFF were tired of getting into a big screaming match, making a video that other people could see probably wasn't the best course of action. If you have a problem between you three, it should stay between you three. To let your feelings be known, you can get together and write your BFF a letter explaining what she does that hurts you. Be honest and slip it to her so she can sit down, read it alone, and let it sink in.

Of course your BFF isn't without her issues, too. If you've tried to talk and writing a letter doesn't work, it might be time to give her some space. Let her chill with her new friends. She'll remember how much she misses you and hurt you, and it should make an impact. Good luck, lady!

xo Annemarie

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4/29/2009 7:00:00 AM