Ask Lucky: My BFF Thinks She's Fat!

My BFF is paranoid about her “big size,” as she calls it. She’s not tiny, but she’s not exactly huge either. She thinks she looks bad in her clothes and wears the same baggy thing just about every day. What can I do to make her stop this nonsense?

You can’t grab your friend and shake the “nonsense” out of her. Until she believes she has a great bod, that won’t do a bit of good. What many “big” girls don’t realize is that baggy clothes only make them look bigger. Your bud probably can’t wear tiny tops and too-tight shorts, but take her shopping and show her what she can wear. Have a blast tearing through all the stores at the mall and have her try on different things until you find what styles work for her body type.

Once she sees how great she looks in the empire-waisted sundress, maybe she’ll toss the oversized, underwashed tee. Also, perhaps you could encourage some physical activity to get her into exercise mode. Since the weather’s so hot, why not suggest a twice-weekly session at the local ice rink? Hopefully, she’ll begin to feel better about herself—and that’s what really matters.

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4/28/2009 7:00:00 AM