Mixed Signals

My BF and I recently broke up because he said I’m difficult to get along with. Afterward, he said he’d like to spend time with me to decide whether or not he wants to go out again. But since then, he won’t talk to me and ignores me at school. I miss him because he means the world to me and is my best friend, but I am tired of waiting.

Hmm, mixed messages. Whether your BF has made up his mind or not, it’s unfair of him to ignore you. Let him know you want to talk privately. Do it when you catch him alone or by e-mail, not in front of his crew (or yours). If he agrees to talk, discuss ways you can both get along better. Maybe you were difficult in the past, and perhaps he could do things differently too. If not, move on. Unfortunately, you can’t force someone to be your boyfriend.

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4/23/2009 7:00:00 AM