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I’ve liked this boy for three years now. Last year he asked me out three times  but I got scared and blurted out no. Now, I am ready to date. I think he still likes me but how do I make sure he still does without embarrassing myself?

-Not Scared Anymore

Hey girl, I can see how this could be a little tricky. Every girl takes time to warm  up to the idea of dating, so if you're sure you're ready then go for it. And the good news is that you know the guy likes you, or at least he did, which is one hard step out of the way!

The best thing to do is to play it cool. You don't want to rush into it 'cause if you take things too fast it might scare the fella off! Try talking to him to try and feel out the situation. If he seems like he's still interested, it's a green light to start flirting. If you're all together in a big group start asking him what movies he's seen or what music he's been following. Check out our handy GL Guide to Flirting for some ways to make sure he knows you've got eyes for him RIGHT HERE. Once he realizes you're into him, he'll be way more likely to respond.

After you've chatted a couple of times, and feel like the flirt signals are all good, get him one-on-one. Let him know that you've thought about it and you're ready to start dating if he's interested. Make sure he knows that this doesn't mean you're already picking out your white dress and calling the caterer! Start off slow, sistah. Maybe suggest a movie that you can go see together.

Hopefully things will progress and with enough communication he'll be able to tell that you're ready to start something with him. And if he brings out the other times you blurted out no? Just tell him you had a lot going on then, but you've always liked him and you're ready to be BF/GF with him now.

And remember... be yourself and stay confident and relaxed. If he doesn't respond to your flirting? His loss! Go for a guy who is into you. And anyways, at least you got some good ol' practice with this one.

-Katie S. 

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4/17/2009 7:00:00 AM