School dance hall of fame or total spring fling shame?

From awkward middle school mixers to senior prom festivities, a string of spring dances are heading your way. But will it be the best night ever or the most mortifying moment yet. Real girls spill their aww-some stories of romance and hilarious tear-jerking tumbles.

A night to remember…

I had a date, a dress and a dream about the dance last year. Then I got really sick and my mom told me I wasn’t allowed to go to the dance. I was so upset, but told my date to go without me and have a good time. The night of the dance, my date brought over a few movies and junk food, and we just hung out at my house. It was super cute and way more fun than the dance could ever be! -Kara G. 17

At the spring formal, I was standing (I don’t dance) next to my buds who were totally going insane with moves! Then, my crush came up at the last slow dance, held out his hand and said (since he knew I was a total Twilight freak), “I read the book and I really want to be your Edward” because my name is Bella! I was almost ready to faint as we danced. I still can't believe he read the book for me! Now we're dating, and I call him Edward! -Bella G. 14

The boys at my school decided to go all Laguna Beach on us and asked in such cute ways. I was called down to the principal’s office and thought that I was in a lot of trouble. Instead, my crush was in the office with a bouquet of flowers and a sign that said, “Caitlin, will you go to prom with me? -Caitlin P. 17

A night you won’t want to remember…

I was at my first high school dance with all of my friends. My brother is in the grade above me and decided to make me feel really uncomfortable every time I would start dancing with a boy. It was really funny at first, but then it just got awkward and weird. My brother and his friends of course, were very entertained and loved to see me freaking out. Oh, brother! -Liza M. 13

I was at the dance when this cute guy that I liked asked me to dance. It was my first dance so I was dancing HORRIBLY. I kept talking throughout the whole dance to avoid the awkward silence and then a let out this huge burp. People around me started staring and the guy had the weirdest look on his face. He hasn't talked to me since. -Paige, 12

At my school, we have a sophomore ring dance. My date was super cute and was on the lacrosse team. A few days before the dance, he got hurt during a big game and the doctor said he would be on crutches for at least three weeks. I was freaking out and didn’t know what to do. We felt so silly dancing with his crutches and all. Awkward! -Amelia F. 16

Have a dream-come-true dance of your own? A total dance date disaster? Blog it out!


by Sara Cummings | 2/1/2016