My Chickie's Changing Schools!

My best friend for 5 years just told me she is transferring schools next year to a rich, private school! And it was her decision to go! She's only doing it to run away from her problems, she even said so. I want to convince her not to go!

    Her reasons for leaving are...

1. She has really bad acne
2. She only has me, our other BFF and this other girl Jenna as friends
3. People know that she was in the hospital and think it was a suicide attempt because she was depressed this year
4. People make fun of her behind her back--I stand up for her any time I can
5. I am super busy with projects, AP classes, dance, track, etc. and can't hang out every day

We are going to high school next year, so I really want her to stay...HELP!



You know what babe, as much as you want her to stay, it might be for the best that she's making this change. She's clearly not happy with her life right now and it's totally understandable to want to make a fresh start. She's not enjoying school at all and everyone has a right to be happy and comfortable in a place of education. She doesn't have a huge social network and school can be totally lonely when her only three friends are super-duper busy with activities that don't include her. Doesn't she deserve to find a place where she can make some new friends and enjoy her teen years?

Just because she's switching schools doesn't mean you still can't be friends! There's email, phone calls, texting and duh seeing each other in person! She'll still be nearby, you just won't see each other everyday. If you keep in contact though, and hang out on weekends everything will be great!

Be proud of her for making this huge change in her life – it takes guts to go after what you want and anyone who makes the effort to change their live for the better should be totally respected. Don't try to hold her back, instead, support her and cheer her on to happiness!


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3/18/2009 7:00:00 AM