Ask Lucky: An Unwanted Admirer

This girl wants to be my friend because I’m “the luckiest girl in the world.” She says this because my parents aren’t divorced, my sibs are nice, I’m having a bat-mitzvah and I get straight A’s. My family and I went to our beach house recently, and she called seven times! She’s getting on my nerves.

It’s nice to be liked, but it can be overwhelming when phone calls tip toward the stalkerish side of the scale. This girl wants to be your friend because she admires you—making straight A’s is no small feat! But that doesn’t mean you should have to field multiple phone calls from a not-so-subtle admirer. Explain to her that you want to be friends but that you’re too busy to give her all-the-time attention. Tell her you’ll call her when it’s convenient for you. This way, you decrease the number of calls you receive, without hurting her feelings. If you’re truly not interested in being her friend, tell her nicely that you’re really busy and don’t have time to take on a new friendship. It might hurt her at first, but she’ll likely move on.

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3/17/2009 7:00:00 AM