A Perf St. Patty's Party

Throw a super-cool St. Patty’s Day party. Gather up all your friends, send out some shamrock invites and get ready to shamrock ‘n’ roll, sistah. Here’s our how-to on the perf St. Patty’s Day party, green attire required.

How to decorate for your St. Pat’s soiree? This DIY craft is great for greeting all your green-day guests.

What You’ll Need:

-Green construction paper
-Plastic Cups

What You’ll Do:

1. Place the cups in the shape of a Four-leaf clover (Two going down and two side by side). Keep ‘em connected in the center!
2. Next, trace the outline of the cups and cut out your clover.
3. Write a guest’s name on it.
4. Hang up your new décor and repeat the steps until you’ve got enough shamrocks for all of your guests.

Other cool St. Pat’s day décor? Go all-out green with green tinsel, string green beads around the room and shamrock cut-outs.

What to feed your guests? Our St. Patty’s grub is leprechaun-tested, GL approved.


Stick with the St. Patty's Day tradition of going green, and celebrate with a St. Patrick's Day dessert: green Jello! It’s easy-to-make, healthy and goes great with the holiday! Really wanna get festive? Buy a Four-leaf clover cookie cutter and cut your jello into cute shamrocks. This dessert is low in cals AND green - doesn't get much better than that!


One of the most popular St. Patty’s Day traditions is the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. This St. Patty’s make your own pot o’ gold snack. Get a big bowl (that the ’rents don't mind giving up) and some green paint. Paint the bowl green and let it dry completely (leave it overnight!). Once dry, use a black marker to write something fun and festive on the bowl. Irish sayings like, “Erin go bragh” are always cute!

Once the pot’s ready to go, fill it with some popcorn, chips, cheese doodles, crackers or other crunchy party bites. Really wanna play up the pot o’ gold theme? Go for golden-colored eats…put yellow corn chips, potato chips and popcorn in the mix. Want to really Irish it up? Create a rainbow with markers and construction paper and set your own pot o’ gold at the end of it. Eat and enjoy…but look out for leprechauns!

How to keep your guests busy? This game is great and goes along with the all-green theme.

This game takes its cue from the kiddie party-time favorite, pin the tail on the donkey. Turn into a St. Patty’s Day pastime and play pin the shamrock on the leprechaun! Get a poster-sized piece of paper and draw your own laughin’ leprechaun on it. Make sure your lil’ leprechaun has his right hand opened-up (this is where the shamrock will go). Make your leprechaun creative – give him a cute green outfit and a hip style this year!

Next, draw a shamrock (aka a four-leaf clover) on a piece of green paper and cut it out. Trace your shamrock a few times and cut out identical ones (depending on the number of people playing). Next attach a piece of tape to the back of each shamrock. Hang your leprechaun on the wall. Now you and your buds can take turns blind folding each other and trying to fit the clover into the leprechaun’s pal. Ready, set…let the luckiest lady win!

*Love these St. Patty's Day ideas and lookin' out for even more ways to celebrate this holiday!? Stay tuned as GL keeps the Irish ideas comin'. 


by Jami Katz | 2/1/2016