Ask Lucky: Age Gap Mishap

My mom’s best friend has a daughter who’s 10, and I’m 13. She is too young to hang out with, but my mom makes me. I feel like I’m babysitting! I’m tired of playing with dolls. How can I let this kid know I’m not her friend without hurting her and our mothers’ friendship?

In a few years, the age diff won’t be such a big deal. Now, though, you’re at different maturity levels. Tell your mom it’s not that you don’t like the girl—it’s that you’re into other things. If you still have to hang out, think of activities you both enjoy. Rent vids, make jewelry, or teach her chess. If all else fails, have a book handy. If a Barbie head pops in your lap, exclaim that you’re just sooo involved in your novel. The end.

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3/10/2009 7:00:00 AM