A Cruel Chica

There is this girl at my school who everyone thinks is the nicest girl they've ever met! But she is sooo mean to me. She made me cry because she is spreading rumors about me. I apologized when I saw her the next day because I said some mean things back to her, but now she is telling everyone I tried to apologize but it's not enough because she is too cool to associate with me! 

Now all my friends hate me because they think I am mean. When they do talk to me they insult me and I say something mean back! I can't help it though, I gotta stick up for myself! Help! What do I do?

- Mad at madussa

Hey girl, unfortch "this girl" exists in almost every school! Sometimes when girls are feeling insecure they can be mean. Things like this blow over though. In a couple of days, this girl will probably start a new kind of drama and everyone will forget about your troubles!

Also, since you're directly involved I'm sure you're affected by this and thinking about it more than anyone else. As long as you did what was right, you really can't focus on the rumors. Your friends know how you really are and you did all you could to apologize. Explain to your besties exactly what this girl did to you. Next time your friends make a mean comment to you, don’t say something rude back to them. Instead, ask them if you could talk about what’s going on. If your friends refuse to hear you out, try writing them a letter to explain what’s up.

If your friends STILL continue to believe the rumors that this meanie is spreading, then it might be time to branch out and look for some new buds. Join a club or after-school sport to find new friends with similar interests. And keep your chin up, chica! Remember that the girl who is spreading these rumors is super insecure. Rise above it and don’t say mean things back. You're better than that, babe!

-Katie S. 

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3/11/2009 7:00:00 AM