DEAR CAROL: How Do I Spice Up a Sleepover?

Dear Carol,
My best friend and I have sleepovers almost every weekend. It’s always the same – popcorn and a scary movie. It’s getting a little boring. How do you suggest we spice up our weekends?
– Sleepy Sleepover

Dear Sleepy,
Give each other makeovers, take magazine quizzes, bake cupcakes, make a collage, write a song, draw portraits of each other, interview each other on video, put together a scrapbook, tell ghost stories, look for constellations from the backyard, have a fashion show, do a 500-piece puzzle, play Scrabble, make pizza from scratch, plan a party, dance to new music, or invite some other pals over. Just not all on the same night!
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3/7/2009 7:00:00 AM