My friends are "fat" obsessed

My friends are all gorgeous and perfectly sized in my opinion, but they always talk about having to lose weight.  They think certain parts of them are oversized (which they aren't!).
For a while I got sucked into it and I started to try to lose weight until I eventually realized that I didn’t need to.  How do I get my friends to make the same realization? They’re not even borderline plus-sized or anything. They are just right and like the same size as me.  I don’t like hearing that girls my age are worried about their weight.
-Concerned For Friends
First of all, you deserve a round of APPLAUSE!  Not just you and your friends but every other girl, even our fave celebs at one point or another wondered if they were too fat or too skinny.  The media pressures us to be thin. The pressure is even worse when it hits closer to home and comes from friends, and sometimes even family. But kudos to you – you've realized that true beauty starts with CONFIDENCE! You HAVE the advantage because you realized that you are beautiful just the way you are and that takes courage. 
Still, it's totally frustrating when your friends just want to focus on weight. Next time they bring up food or a weight-related issue try changing the subject to something super what you're up to this weekend, your new crush from math class or the super weird sub you had in science. If you can distract the girls and show them that you don't care, then maybe this issue will go away on its own. 
But if that doesn't do the trick, you may have to work on convincing your friends that they shouldn't be so focused on their weight. Many of us who want to lose weight especially as young ladies put looks before our health and well-being.  If your girls continue to be weight-obsessed try getting them to participate in GOOD health things – suggest a group yoga class, have a healthy recipes cooking sesh (hello healthy recipes from G-Life!) or join the lax team together.
If that STILL doesn't work and your friends seem unhealthily obsessed with their weight you will want to consult a guidance counselor or trusted adult. Sometimes what starts as a li'l concern can turn into a deadly eating disorder. So, try the other tactics first, but don't be afraid to speak up if it becomes serious. 

Sometimes people need a reality check girl, so use some facts to check your friends.  You are on the right track.

Good Luck,
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by Chardae | 2/1/2016