The Outdo Diva

One-upper. Thunder-stealer. Attention-grabber. Ugh…

Your BFF is the best—literally. Whenever you have a moment of glory to spill, she has one even more amazing.

The One-Up: It’s lunchtime, and your girls are all ears as you dish about your victorious weekend on the slopes. Just as you tell them about your best-ever time, your girl Kiera jumps in. She starts tellin’ the crew about her cheerleading competition and how she won Miss Team Spirit. Seems like everyone’s chilled on your ski-slope championship.

The Lowdown: Don’t let her exclude you. Convos are all about the ol’ back-and-forth. Instead of feeling left out, get back in the game. Compare notes on your celebrations. While she was snappin’ pics of the team, you were sippin’ cocoa with a cute ’boarder.

The One-Up: You confide in a pal that your parents have been fighting. A lot. Her response? “You should come to my house. It’s like World War III in there sometimes.” Then, she keeps ranting.

The Lowdown: Seems like your girl is trying to empathize but got carried away. After she lets it all out, ask her how she deals. She may have some killer advice. If not, see if you two can figure out a battle plan together.

The One-Up: You and your posse are malling it for post-holiday sales. The girls are wowed by your ultra-gorgeous $15 dress. Next thing you know, Sienna butts in, bragging about the designer jeans and pricey shoes her mom just bought her.

The Lowdown: Sadly, Sienna’s showing signs of slacking security. So have a chat. Wait until you two are alone and ask her why the “I can top that.” Keep it light, but remind her you like her for her, not her wardrobe.

The One-Up: Chem finals are returned today. Considering you’ve struggled this quarter, you’re psyched when you see an 82. Your BFF Maria is practically sobbing. Her tear-worthy test grade? A 95.

The Lowdown: Looks like your perfectionist pal needs a li’l lesson in tact. Let her know she should be happy with her fridge-friendly grade—and that you are happy with yours. Then pair up for a study sesh before the next big test fest. Your score’ll go up, and she’ll feel like a smartie. Friendship: 100%!

-Katie Abbondanza


4/24/2009 7:00:00 AM