Kissing: The Boy. The Place. The Time.

Who Will You Kiss? Of course, you don’t want to become a kissing bandit, so you should only smooch someone if you actually like him. But it helps to know if he’d be a ready participant. You could suggest a kissing game at the next boy-girl bash, then cheat by getting in cahoots with your BFF. Have her wrangle it so the guy you like ends up kissing you with a blindfold on.

Where Will You Kiss?

Kissing should be done when you and your guy are somewhere alone together—duh. It’s getting him alone with you that’s the hard part. A good trick is to put yourself in his path. Like when you’re at a dance or late-night sporting event, conveniently be thirsty right as he goes to get a drink. When you’re at a party, just happen to be waiting to use the bathroom just as he’s exiting—hallways are excellently snug! If you already have a willing kissing partner, here are a few spots to sneak a smooch:

1. In your living room. Mom’s busy baking up a batch of brownies in the kitchen, right?
2. Under the bleachers. This cliché earned it’s reputation for good reason!
3. At the park. Leaning against a tree, side by side on the swings, sitting on a picnic table with your feet on the benches… Can it get more romantic?
4. Next to the gym. Schools are big places and, after dismissal, relatively free of students and teachers. Hang out and, when the coast is clear, gently take his hand while giving him your best Katie Holmes no-teeth, come-hither grin. Then, give his hand a tiny pull. How irresistible is that?

Unless, of course… Some schools have no-PDA (no public displays of affection) rules. If your school does, save yourself the trouble (trip to the principal’s office, call to your parents, detention) and just kiss him anywhere but on campus.

When Will You Kiss?
Without argument, the darker the time of day, the better. The early evening is terrific—like when you’re at a soccer match or baseball game—because the glow of dusk is extra flattering. Nighttime is a winner because it’s more romantic. And something about less light lessens nerves, which helps him (and you) muster up the gumption to go for it.


by Jodi Bryson | 2/1/2016